New Legislative Redistricting Reform Bill

New Jersey lawmakers are pursuing possible changes to the way the state redraws its legislative districts each decade, and Assemblyman Troy Singleton has introduced his own proposal to inject a nonpartisan perspective into the process.

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Visiting Mrs. Falcone's 4th grade class

I got to visit the 4th graders over at the Charles Street School in Palmyra to watch their presentation and discuss their idea to ban styrofoam containers for food in schools and restaurants.

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Video Spotlight: Animal Abuse Registry

Jill Horner at Comcast Newsmakers speaks with Assemblyman Troy Singleton, from the New Jersey State Assembly, about an Animal Abuse Registry.

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Transparency in Out-of-Network Care Costs

The Health Care Consumer Cost Transparency Act will provide comprehensive data about the quality and cost of health care and allow state policymakers to monitor efforts to reduce health care costs and improve both care quality and population health.

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Community Event Spotlight

Survival Skills for Diabetes

Throughout the year, Virtua will be hosting education class for uninsured, under insured (Medicaid) or charity care patients with diabetes.


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In The News: Health coverage eats up 9% of NJ household budgets

New Jersey workers paid an average of $4,900 for family health coverage last year, up from about $3,000 in 2006, a new report from the Commonwealth Fund said on Tuesday.

That increase came even though the growth of health premiums slowed in the years after the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare — was enacted in 2010.

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In The News: Will teacher shortage impact NJ?

A classroom crisis could be on the horizon.

Around the country, schools are having trouble hiring teachers. Experienced professionals are leaving the classroom environment for other fields or choosing to retire early.

To add to the problem, fewer students are interested in pursuing the education profession after college than in years prior.

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In The News: N.J. takes tough first step in allowing terminally ill right to die

It couldn't have been an easy decision for members of the New Jersey Assembly to pass the state's Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill act Thursday, but it was a compassionate and humane one.

By a vote of 41-28, with five abstentions, the legislators answered the fervent pleas of patients hoping to avoid a death marked by unremitting pain.

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