There is a saying that comes with those who have given of themselves to defend our country, "Some gave all but all gave some." This statement underscores the covenant that we, as a free society, have made to our veterans. An agreement that demands that we honor their service by treating them every day with the dignity and respect that these patriots deserve. It's also about providing them with the care they need and the benefits that they have earned when the battle is over. That is why I have continued to hold my Veteran’s Issues Citizen Advisory Panel, in order to receive input from those who have served as well as their family members on what legislation needs to be put in place to provide help to our veterans and their families. I am a proud author of A2183 The New Jersey Battlefield to Boardroom Act, which provides corporation business tax credits and gross tax credits for qualified wages of certain veterans.  Young men and women are going to war, serving their country, and coming home to a civilian life without a job, we owe these fine men and women more than just a handshake and a welcome home, we owe them an opportunity to gain employment.

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